MABO Black - Rarities DATERRA, Brazil (Low-Caffeine Reserve) Specialty Coffee

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Cupping notes Strawberry | Melon | Tropical fruits | Funky | Medium Body | High Sweetness

This is not a decaf coffee. Laurina (Bourbon Pointu) / Aramosa - are two varieties that naturally produce a reduced quantity of caffeine (about 30-40%) compared to other Arabica varieties

Origin Brazil
Region Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais
Farm Daterra Coffee
Fermentation Blend of Natural, Honey, and Anaerobic
Variety Laurina (Bourbon Pointu) / Aramosa
Altitude 1149m
Crop year 2021
Roasting profile Omni Light (good for espresso | filter)
Resting period Filter 7 days | Espresso 14 days
Roasting profile by Bogdan Georgescu - World Coffee Roasting Vice-Champion and Romanian National Champ
Roasted on Probat P5

We know how important it is that you always have fresh coffee, that's why we roast 2 days a week: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays.
We will try to honor everyone's orders ASAP, but please keep in mind when placing the order that the delivery time may vary 1-2 days due to this.

In the bag, you will find coffee beans.
We can grind the coffee for you! All you need to do is to mention in the Observations Box, before completing your order, how exactly you need it: for espresso, filter, coffeepot, etc.

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  • Description
Daterra farms are located in a lovely steady climate, dry-fresh winter, and warm-wet summers... a perfect condition for growing amazing coffee. Their farms are one of the oldest coffee plantations in Brazilian Cerrado region, and it is among the best coffee-producing areas in the country. Daterra often works with many coffee competitors to be the forefront of innovation in coffee processing to create interesting and exceptional coffees every year.
Sustainable agriculture was still quite unknown for Brazil at the time Daterra started their coffee journey. How can one take something from the earth without harming it? Simple: borrow it, and then we give back.
It is not only about producing the best coffee in the world. It is about producing coffee for a better world.

The MASTERPIECES by Daterra are experimental coffees. They research, test, and play around with several variables to come up with really unique coffees.
Their experimental unit is always buzzing with new techniques and tests to unlock unexpected flavors for you.

Daterra Recognitions:
- 1st Rainforest Alliance Farm in Brazil;
- 1st Climate-friendly farm verified to meet the Sustainable Agriculture Network’s Climate Module;
- Winner of the prize “Prêmio Fazenda Sustentável 2015” by Globo Rural, Brazil’s major agricultural magazine, as the most sustainable farm in the country

Variety Laurina, Aramosa
Laurina is a naturally low-caffeine coffee from Brazil. The varietal is also known as bourbon pointu (literally pointy bourbon) after the unique pointy shape of both the tree and its beans, and its Reunion Island origins (formerly known as Bourbon). It is an arabica bourbon mutation that contains only 0.3%–0,5% caffeine whereas regular Arabica beans typically contain around 1.4% or more.
Aramosa is a very unique varietal: a crossbreed between two coffea species, Coffea Arabica and Coffea Racemosa (a heirloom Coffeea species). The Aramosa beans usually have a lower caffeine index than regular Arabica beans and present very floral aromatics.

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